What is Discrimination?

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Discrimination is not that …
Your skin is a different color.
You speak a different language.
Your left arm is longer then your right arm.
You use the aide of an electric or manual wheelchair, walker or cane to get around in your community.
One of the many reasons why a wheelchair passenger might board the public transit vehicle [bus] first is that they need more room to maneuver their wheelchair into the securement area of the vehicle, how ever it is up to the discretion of the transit operator, who boards the bus first.
It is recommended, but not  required that a person in a wheelchair back on to the lift or backing up the ramp into the  public transit vehicle [bus]. With the style of electric wheelchair that I have, backing onto the lift or  backing up the ramp into the  public transit vehicle [bus]. This allows me more room to  maneuver my wheelchair into the securement area of the vehicle. The model of electric wheelchair that I have is a Invacare Power Chair [Torque 3 Power W/C Base And Seat Wmk6l].
With the new mid wheel drive electric wheelchairs, I have seen passengers going onto the lift, up the ramp into the public transit vehicle [bus] , forwards.

Having to wait a few extra minutes to board, deboard a public transit vehicle [bus], is not really discrimination.
From the post “Boarding the Bus in an electric wheelchair” the teenage girl was allowed to board the bus.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has more information on boarding a public transit vehicle [bus] in a wheelchair.
With the high cost of motor fuel there are more people using public transportation these days, so please be a little more understanding when boarding or deboarding a public transit vehicle [bus].

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Boarding the Bus in an Electric Wheelchair

The bus arrived at the bus stop. While I was sitting in my electric wheelchair, I signaled to the transit operator, [bus driver] that I wanted to board the bus. The transit operator opened the doors and started to deploy the lift. While the lift was deploying, a teenage girl stepped onto the lift. The transit operator stopped the lift and told the teenage girl to please get off of the bus, because the wheelchair passenger boards the bus first. I heard the teenage girl say “that this is discrimination”. I said nothing. When the lift was completely deployed I boarded the bus.

Is this discrimination?


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In the past, my dishwasher would wash my tea mug. I notice that the tea stains were not being removed from the mug. One night, using a plastic container that was bigger then the tea mug, I poured vinegar, about 1 inch high into the container, then added hot water just enough to cover the mug. Letting the mug soak over night in the water and vinegar. The next morning I was very surprised to see that all of the tea stains came off of the mug. Then after rinsing the mug off in hot water, the mug looked brand new. After that I have started putting a little vinegar in the dishwasher and in the clothes washer.

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Hand Tools-Pliers

Simple pliers are an ancient invention – no one inventor can be named. With the first use fire for cooking and warmth, mankind had the problem of handling hot coals and other objects. We used sticks and wooden tongs at first, bronze tongs (early pliers) replaced wooden ones around 3000 BC