Curb Cuts Do We Need Them?

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While on a public transit bus sitting in my Quickie QM-710 Power Chair,  going eastbound on Rosecrans Avenue. I got off the bus on the south east side of Rosecrans at Crenshaw Boulevard.Curb Cut Picture 4A 08032015 at 2.53.45 PM

On the corner where I needed to cross the street at Rosecrans and Crenshaw Boulevard there was no curb cut as indicated by the red square, to get to the north west side of Crenshaw Boulevard to the bus stop. To wait for the next southbound bus on Crenshaw Boulevard. What I had to do was to use a driveway apron to get down into the street in order to cross Rosecrans Boulevard. This is indicated with a green square around it in the picture that shows a red square around the corner where there is no curb cut. All of the other corners had curb cuts in them as indicated with a green square.

Curb Cut Picture 4B 08032015 at 2.55.51 PM

Curb Cut Picture 4C 08032015 at 3.00.08 PMThe pictures with a blue square in them indicates the bus stops that are used in this trip.

Curb Cut Picture 4D-08032015 at 3.05.46 PM

Does the corner indicated by the Red Square where there is no curb cut and the driveway apron indicated with a green square is close to one another does this meet the ADA requirements for reasonable accessibility?

When using a driveway apron instead of a curb cut you really have to watch trucks, cars & motorcycles making a right turn because they do not expect a person in a wheelchair to be there.

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  1. I hope that someone from the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act can read this post in regards to no curb cut at this corner?
    And respond to it!!

  2. It’s really odd that there wasn’t a curb cut on that corner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crosswalk on an intersection like that that didn’t have a curb cut. That’s not just dangerous for wheelchair users; it’s annoying for anyone using a stroller or other rolling object. I personally don’t think the driveway apron fills the ADA requirements. Thanks for sharing.

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