Taking The Bus to The Movie Theater

Continued from What is Discrimination?

While I was boarding the bus in my electric wheelchair, the operator ask me where I wanted to get off at. I explained to the operator that I wanted to please get off at “A” Blvd. All of the time while we were in route to “A” Blvd. the operator was socializing with other passengers. Before we arrived at “A” Blvd. I pushed the red button, to signal the operator that I wanted to get off at the next stop, “A” Blvd. [ In the wheelchair area of the bus, when the red button is pushed, to signal “Stop Requested” the bell rings two times]. The operator did not hear the signal because the operator was socializing with the other passengers.
Because I’m a person with a disability I did not want to be accused of interrupting the operator while they were socializing with the other passengers, that is why I did not speak up. However another passenger did speak up and the operator got mad at me, because I did not speak up.
When ever I have my electric wheelchair with me, I really do not care what bus stop I get off at. I know and understand that sometimes their might be other activities going on around the bus stop. As an example, maybe road construction or police activity.
This bus ride down to the movie theater was almost as entertaining  as the movie “Cars 2”. In another post I will be writing about the movie “Cars 2”.

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