On Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at around 21:45:00 [09:45 P.M.] there was a broken water pipe at the north west corner of the street I live on.

At around 22:05:00 [10:05P.M.] I called Golden State Water Company to report the broken water pipe. Customer service employee told me that the Fire Department was aware of the broken water pipe, and a crew will be out on the next business day to make the repairs. I explained to the customer service employee there California is in a drought and the water needs to be turned off tonight! The customer service employee explain to me that the water would not be turned off until the next business day, then hung up the phone on me!!

I know and understand that it might take one or two days to make the repairs on the water pipe.

It looks like Golden State water company does not have an infrastructure set up to allow a work crew to come out and shut off the water at the main.

As an idea this city, county, state and the federal government needs to have this looked into.

Is California in a drought?


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