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Think Like a Winner!Success Books)

Speaking With A Voice

 In the television show Speechless the writers, directors, and producers are showing you the glorious side of a person “JJ” with a disability which is Cerebral Palsy. I know and understand that Micah Fowler is just an employee of ABC broadcasting system. Micah Fowler does a good job as an actor portraying the character of “JJ”.

Cedric Yarbrough has done an excellent job as an actor portraying the role of a caregiver, personal attendant.

The truth of the matter is, the fact that real life is different!!

Recently I went to board a public transit bus in my Quickie QM-710 power chair. Whenever I was boarding the bus I noticed that the passengers were getting up out of the wheelchair securement area of the bus, except for one passenger this passenger refused to get up out of the wheelchair securement area of the bus. The bus operator asked this passenger to please get up two different times. The passenger refused to get up out of their seat and they also block the aisle of the bus. This passenger has the right not to get up out of their seat. The bus operator handled this situation in a very business, professional manner. I explain to the bus operator that I would wait for the next bus. The operator was very surprised and asked me if I was kidding, I told the operator that I was not kidding.

The paid employees of Westside Regional Center are not used to communicating with the client. The employees are used to communicating with the caregivers, personal attendance of the client.

When caregivers, personal attendance find out then I have cognitive skills, the ability to think and figure out things for myself. They do not want to work with me.

The second caregiver that I had was sent out from Westside Regional Center. As in my story that I wrote back around [March 19, 2014] or after. This caregiver was told that I could not communicate or feed myself. I introduced LaJoyce my caregiver to Amanda the team member of Wendy’s. LaJoyce turned to me and asked me if I know this lady, I said yes. LaJoyce turned around and threw her hands up in the air and walked away. When LaJoyce and I went back to my house, LaJoyce told me that her job was to feed me and teach me how to communicate.  LaJoyce told me that my house is dirty and I need to hire someone to clean it up. I explained to LaJoyce that my eBay business was very slow and I did not have enough money to hire someone to keep my house clean. LaJoyce was very surprised whenever she found out that I have cognitive skills, the ability to think for myself.

Micah Fowler was given a contract to sign,  script to follow before he started acting as “JJ” in the show   “Speechless”.

LaJoyce was told that I could not feed myself or communicate. Westside Regional Center did not provide me with a script to follow or tell me how to act or what game to play,  When a caregiver, a personal attendant is sent out to my house.

I really enjoy writing about situations like this. What I would really like more is to get paid for writing about things like this.

Wheelchair Repair Project

Hello everyone, my name is Harold.

I want tell you a little bit about myself, I am a 60-year-old man with a disability of which is Cerebral Palsy. I get around in my home and community with the aid of a Quickie QM-710 power chair. This is a mid wheel drive electric wheelchair. One of the many things that I like to do for relaxation is to cruise the sidewalks around Los Angeles county California. Every day for dinner I cruise on over to Del Taco in the city of Hawthorne.

With my mid wheel drive chair I enjoy using public transportation, it is very easy boarding the bus going in frontwards. I am able to tap my fare card on the farebox greet the operator and tell the operator where I need to get off the bus.

In June 2014 I purchased my Quickie power chair from Superior Mobility. Until recently I’ve had no problem getting authorization from Regal Medical (insurance company) for Superior Mobility to do repairs and maintenance on my power chair. Sadly on April 7, 2017 Superior Mobility was denied authorization to repair my power chair. A very sad day for me because my power chair is broken and it needs to be fixed – hopefully before  the frame breaks all the way through & dumps me on the pavement. It is on borrowed time.

This picture with the red square in it shows the broken part that I need to get repaired or replaced.

SOLUTION: I am selling hand tools to raise the needed funds to pay for the repairs on my wheelchair. Please buy a set of hand tools from me!  Or you may contribute to my cause. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated!!  All prices below include shipping, within the USA . I ship Internationally via the U.S. Postal Service. No hidden fees!!
California residence please add 9.25% sales.

Thank You !!!

Donate to my cause
(Any amount is helpful)




$28.95 including shipping  (1 available)



$28.95 including shipping

The Husky 46-Piece Stubby Set includes 22 sockets and 20 screwdriver bits to hand various jobs around the house. The Ratchet features a 1/4 in. drive tang on 1 side and a 3/8 in. drive tank on the opposite side giving you the versatility to use both drive sizes on 1 ratchet. The co-molded grips on the ratchet, ratcheting bit driver and the adjustable wrench provide a strong and comfortable grip to get the job done.

  • Set includes eighteen 1/4 in. drive socket: 9 SAE ( 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4,9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16 in. and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 mm), four 3/8 in. drive sockets: 2 SAE: 1/2, 9/16 in. and 13, 14 mm) 20 driver bits: (Phillips: 2 P1, 2 P2, 2 P3, square: 0, 1, 2, flat: 5/32, 3/16, 1/4 in., Hex SAE: 1/8, 1/4 in., TORX: T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 and a 1/4 in. bit to 1/4 in. drive socket adapter) one 1/4 in. drive to 1/4 in bit adapter and 3 tools: 6 in. adjustable wrench, 4-1/2 in. ratcheting bit driver and a 1/4 and 3/8 in. drive ratchet

  • Adjustable wrench maximum opening: 1 in., 25.4 mm

  • Husky mechanics hand tools are guaranteed forever; if your Husky hand tool ever fails, bring it back and we will replace it free of charge

  • Ratcheting bit driver features 3 positions, ratcheting to the left, ratcheting to the right and non-ratcheting

  • Ratcheting bit driver features a hollow handle that can store up to 6 bits

  • 72-tooth ratchet features a 5-degree swing arch to work in tight places

  • Set comes in a plastic storage case that is marked with each size for easy organization

  • Husky magnetic bit driver works with all standard 1/4 in. drive bits

  • Full polished chrome finish easily wipes clean of oil and dirt


Stanley 29 pc Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Stanley 54-925
29 Piece Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

$27.95 including shipping  (10 available)

Stanley 29 piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set
with shipping $27.95

3-position switch enables clockwise, counter-clockwise, and locked ratcheting positions
Maximum torque / minimum effort achieved with ergonomic, bi-material handle
Nickel plated bar for corrosion resistance
Storage rack for bits and nut drivers
Includes 12 nut drivers and 16 bits
Package Includes:
Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle, Adapter, (2) 1/4 in. Standard Bits, 9/32 in. Standard Bit, (2) 1 Pt Phillips Bits, (2) 2 Pt Phillips Bits, 3 Pt Phillips Bit, T10 Torx Bit, T15 Torx Bit, T20 Torx Bit, T25 Torx Bit, T27 Torx Bit, 1/8 in. Hex Bit, 5/32 in. Hex Bit, (6) Metric Drive Sockets: 5mm, 6m,, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, (6) SAE Drive Sockets: 1/4-in, 5/16 in, 11/32-in, 3/8-in, 7/16 in, 1/2-in


The Minimum Wage

The Minimum wage going up in many SoCal cities July 1st, this is good for a lot of families.

However the real problem is that Social Security benefits, SSDI have not gone up since 2015.

Social Security benefits will increase by 0.3% percent in 2017 because of a rise in the cost of living.

In the year 2016 Medicare benefits were $104.90 per month. Now in the year 2017 Medicare benefits are $109.00 per month. Medicare used that 0.3% Social Security increase. So in other words there was no increase in Social Security, SSDI benefits for the year 2017.


On Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at around 21:45:00 [09:45 P.M.] there was a broken water pipe at the north west corner of the street I live on.

At around 22:05:00 [10:05P.M.] I called Golden State Water Company to report the broken water pipe. Customer service employee told me that the Fire Department was aware of the broken water pipe, and a crew will be out on the next business day to make the repairs. I explained to the customer service employee there California is in a drought and the water needs to be turned off tonight! The customer service employee explain to me that the water would not be turned off until the next business day, then hung up the phone on me!!

I know and understand that it might take one or two days to make the repairs on the water pipe.

It looks like Golden State water company does not have an infrastructure set up to allow a work crew to come out and shut off the water at the main.

As an idea this city, county, state and the federal government needs to have this looked into.

Is California in a drought?

Broken Icloud

Broken Icloud Picture 12152015

My MacBook is not synchronizing to iCloud. – Looking for suggestions to fix this.
My iPad & iPhone are synchronizing Notes & contacts OK to iCloud server. All 3 are using the exact same Apple ID and password.
I can log into and see the notes & contacts from the iPad & iPhone. But not from the MacBook.

What I have already tried:
* Reboot MacBook
Sign out of iCloud on MacBook, Letting it delete local copies of iCloud contacts & notes.
Sign back into iCloud. Contacts & notes return.

* Syncing of notes & contacts is not working over all my devices, only the iPad, iPhone & iCloud server. But the MacBook is not syncing to iCloud. This is a fairly recent problem; about a month ago the MacBook could sync to iCloud.

MacBook is OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite

What I have NOT tried:
Erase & restore whole computer from backup. — I’m concerned that even if MacBook can sync to iCloud with a fresh, blank OSX, that once we restore all my data from back up, that this might bring back the problem too, which might end up being a lot of time spent without an actual fix.